Business Matching Programme (BMP)

Business Matching Programme (BMP) is a trade initiative developed by Trade & Industry Association (Singapore). TIAS will help you navigate through issues and challenges of funding and market research, domestically or globally. Together with our Programme Counsellors, you will discover the right tools and assistance to successfully enable your business in today’s uncertain market. Kindly fill in and submit the required information or call +65 6250 6998 for further enquiries:

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TIAS Connect

tias connect

TIAS Connect is a monthly networking session group held by TIAS for the development of trade leaders through the sharing of knowledge, experience and ideas. Attendees will be treated to a casual evening of drinks and light bites, and can participate in open discussions among other programmes organised by the association. Most of all, they will be given the opportunity to diversify their network across various trades and industries.

Trade & Industry Association (Singapore)

Supporting Partners

Doing Business in Singapore

All business entities importing and exporting in Singapore should first be registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Following which, the business/company will be given a Business Registration Number which is also its Unique Entity Number

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Why Invest in Singapore

Since 1965, Singapore joined the ranks of free world countries leading up to a present day world-class city, bustling port, and prosperous economy. Not only is she established as a first world country, Singapore remains a strong foothold with her stable economy and cosmopolitan

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International trading gives rise to globalisation. While every country is valued for different resources - global trade allows the use of commodities and increases consumer exposure to resources of the world. From Swiss Alps water to French wine, New Zealand honey to Thai rice

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Singapore Business Federation
Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Singapore Manufacturers' Federation
Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Association of Small and Medium Enterprises

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