TIAS Logo Download


I) Dissemination for TIAS LOGO

Any reproduction of TIAS logo may be downloaded by the initiative recipients from the official format.

Recipients conferred the initiative are authorized by Trade & Industry Association (Singapore) to use the relevant logo.

The logo can be used on any marketing materials (Including print and on-line). These are the only logos that may reproduced electronically or otherwise, including sites on the World Wide Web and other areas on the internet.

- No one may use the logo on any product sales or the general public for the purpose of fundraising.

- The logo must be use as on entity and not in parts.

- The graphics and wording cannot be used separately or in different proportions.

- The individual elements cannot be enlarged or reduced separately.

- No distortions or modifications are allowed to either a part or the entire logo.

Materials excluding those mentioned here that bear this logo must be submitted to the Trade & Industry Association (Singapore) Secretariat for written approval prior to their usage and / or release to the public.

II) File format for TIAS Logo

There are several different downloading formats.

Depending on the setting for your browser, you may not be able to open certain image types.

- The TIF file format is the most common file format that will not lose quality after re-saving. The TIF file format works well with page layout software such as Quark Xpress, Adobe Pagemaker and Corel Draw.

- The JPEG file format is used extensively for World Wide Web graphics because it is a compressed file and doesn't take as long to download. JPEG file are a 'lossless' file formate that is ideal for graphics and will not degrade in quality after re-saving.

- The PDF file format are commonly use by commercial offset printers whose have have accepted the submission of press-ready PDF files as a print source.

Trade & Industry Association (Singapore)

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