About Us


To be known as the most vibrant and relevant business association in Singapore, through the active participation of its members.

Mission Statement

TIAS, set in its core values Integrity, Honesty, and Resilience, focuses on four primary essential objectives.
1. To promote trade and industry opportunities to our members from different trades and industries;
2. To act as a platform of recognition and acknowledgment to outstanding individuals and organizations within Singapore’s business arena;
3. To provide a professional source for business networking, sharing of corporate knowledge, and compliance;
4. To foster a vision of business excellence among our members and support the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

About the TIAS Logo

The parallelogram with its four triangles depicts Singapore’s economic sectors, with the red triangle representing the dynamic Trade & Industry. Of the two winding curves, the wider one in a lighter shade of red symbolizes our progressive Singapore economy. Tied to its economic fluctuations is the thinner curve in dark red representing Trade & Industry. Both meandering curves align and move upwards together as one, tapering to more deliberate and focused heights of excellence in their journey of progress. The Trade Industry Association has also been translated into three other languages - Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. These are the four official languages in Singapore. English is the language of business, and Malay the national language.