TIAS Membership Benefits

1. Represent Members’ Interests

TIAS works closely with governmental agencies and relevant trade and industry organisations and to provide a platform for members’ concerns and issues to be addressed to be addressed through dialogue sessions and forum discussions with various authorities.

2. Networking Opportunities with Local and Overseas Business Owners

Members of TIAS will be exposed with ample opportunities to network and sharing of business contacts with trade and industry delegates from local and overseas. Members will also receive invitations to participate in international business EXPO and conferences.

3. Updates on Latest Governmental Regulations and Reports

Members will receive update via email about the latest governmental regulations and reports sourced from official release.

4. Business Events/ Courses/ EXPO

TIAS conducts seminars, workshop, talks and other event. Priority Invitations and concessionary rates will be extended to members to attend.

5. Social Responsibility

TIAS organises regular charitable event to provide aiding to the needs. Members are encouraged to participate and harvest the joy of helping.

Become A Member

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